Our Story

Who are we?

Restoration Covenant Church began in the home of its lead pastor (Jon MacDonald) on January 7th, 2007. In September of that year, Restoration began holding regular worship services at Oasis Christian Fellowship, before relocating to 1st United Methodist in downtown Redlands in January 2010. In September of 2010, changed both our worship time (from 5:30 pm to 10:30 am) and our location (The University of Redlands).

Of course, that is a little bit of our history and our gathering times, but not who we are. A church is a local community of God’s people, not a weekly event. It is our mission the binds us together.

Our Mission

“Following Jesus as a family for the good of the world.”

Following Jesus
We believe that the mission of the Church is the same as the mission of Jesus: to bring hope to those who have lost hope, bring freedom to those in bondage, and proclaim that God is near. We do this as we saturate ourselves in the life and teaching of Jesus, and by being transformed inside-out as His disciples. We reject legalistic rule-keeping, counterfeit spirituality, and any attempts to earn the favor of God or people. We believe that salvation is more than simply the forgiveness of sins, but the climax of God’s plan to restore all things as they were originally intended to be. This includes the restoration of our hearts and a return towards what God had in mind when he created each of us.

As A Family
We believe that the best measure of our allegiance to Jesus is not how much we know, but how well we treat others. We affirm that every follower of Jesus has a unique set of gifts and talents and we want to create sufficient space for their discovery. As we discover and use our strengths together through the power and direction of the Holy Spirit, we are capable of great good and beauty. We recognize the strength of evil in our world but cling to the stronger work of grace. We wholeheartedly reject the notion that there is such a thing as secular work and instead live in the reality that ever moment is sacred. We take Christ with us everywhere and bring His redemptive power wherever we happen to be. And we don’t come to church to be served, but believe we become the church when we are serving.

For the Good of the World
We believe that our church community is our apologetic in Redlands and the Inland Empire. In other words, we trust that the message of Christ will be shown to be true by the way we live our lives. We are also serious about global issues of injustice and how we as a community can give voice to those without a voice by facilitating justice and fairness however we are able. We live lives of passion, creativity, and love because we serve a passionate and creative God who absolutely loves the whole world. We are building God’s kingdom, and will settle for nothing short of changing our world for good.

Our Denomination

We are proud to be members of the Evangelical Covenant Church. Among its many distinctives, including diversity (the only denomination that is actually multicultural), empowerment of women, generosity in theological matters (we are non-creedal), we are proudest of our denomination’s commitment to planting new churches. To learn more about our denomination, please click here.

Our Sending Church

Jon spent a year and a half at Life Covenant Church before moving to Redlands to plant Restoration. We are proud to be connected with Life, our big sister in Los Angeles. To get to know Life Covenant Church, click here.