There are many questions we ask when looking for a new church.  What is their vision?  Will my kids be cared for?  Is the teaching both orthodox and relevant?  Will I be drawn into worship through music?  Can I see myself making deep friendships with these people?  Is this church producing disciples of Christ, and will I myself be discipled and cared for?  Does this church have a concern for my city and the world, and will I be drawn into its mission?

And, perhaps most important of all: Is this church faithful to the Biblical and historic tradition that Jesus Himself established?

Our prayer for you is that you find that church, and that there are many such churches in Redlands and the Inland Empire.  We are a relatively new church plant, arriving to Redlands in January 2007.  Our plan is the same now as it was then: to follow Jesus, as a family, for the good of the world.

What does this mean?

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