Restoration is a place to feel comfortable just the way you are.

When we read about Jesus, we don’t see him having people clean themselves up first; he met people where they were living their lives.  At Restoration, our worship gatherings (which include singing, preaching, and time for reflection) are not focused on how we look, but on our desire to have our lives shaped and directed by the life and work of Jesus Christ.  You are welcome to come as you are!

We believe in the idea of Sabbath.

Sabbath is not just a day or a time, but as a rhythm; a weekly commitment to worship, rest, and play; to take time for renewal and reconnection with God and with each other; to slow down once a week and make sure life is not passing us by too fast; and to pause and counter the lies we’re daily told with the Truth.  By doing this as a group we hope to hold each other accountable to a very countercultural and revolutionary idea:

To be Non-productive for a time.

We are looking for ways to silence the voices of society that constantly tell us that are value is connected to what we produce, or how.  We genuinely hope that this time will help us escape from that lie by finding worth in just BEING.

So come prepared to worship as part of a larger desire to celebrate the Sabbath with your friends and family.