It takes a village to raise a village. For that reason, on any given Sunday, you’ll find parents of other Restoration Kids volunteering to serve in children’s ministry. It’s important to us that each child is known and loved by the congregation, and volunteering to serve on Sundays is a perfect way to do just that.


What will my child be learning about during Restoration Kids? 

At Restoration, we believe that love trumps fear, and that a solid relationship with Jesus begins with understanding that God is love, has always been love, and isn’t angry with us. Because this is our heart, fear is not part of our Restoration Kid’s curriculum. We do not teach the littles about hell or about fearing for their salvation. In the Gospels, we see Jesus taking children into his arms and welcoming them, blessing them. We see him saying we must become like children to enter the kingdom of God, we see him indignant at those who try to keep the children from him. And so in following Jesus and his example, we choose love for ourselves and model it for our precious kiddos.

That being said, we typically sing songs, learn about a bible story, and finish a craft during service.

Do I need to bring anything? 

Just your littles! If your child needs attention during service, we’re located just down the hall from where we worship, so a volunteer can step out to let you know how they’re doing. Maybe pack a change of clothes just in case. We also serve snack during service, typically water and animal crackers or goldfish crackers.