At Restoration, we filter everything we do through our guiding vision and values.  Our small group ministry is much more than just another ministry we try to bring into alignment with our vision; it is the primary way we see our vision become action.  If you took away our small groups, the most compelling and dynamic stories we tell would instantly dry up.

Of course, our small groups all make community a very high priority.  While we expect deep friendships to naturally develop in our small groups, we believe that groups that make a community a focus rarely experience the depths of connection that come from a group that makes something else the focus.  As one pastor put it: groups that seek community rarely find a purpose; groups with a purpose always find community.

We believe that the Early Church had the deepest community the world has ever seen.  We believe that Jesus had deep and profound friendship with his disciples.  And we believe that this didn’t happen because they were constantly asking, “How can we experience deep community together?”  Instead, while loving and serving each other while they were following Jesus, deep and authentic community was the natural result.

The mission defines the community.  The more compelling the mission, the deeper the community.  We understand the thirst for community as connected to a deeper thirst for meaning, purpose, and connection.

Our dream for Restoration is to have a rich and diverse set of small groups.  We use our small groups to help people identify their gifts, find others who share their passion, and mobilize our people into our community.  As we do this, we’ve found one of the byproducts (among evangelism, discipleship, acts of creativity, justice, and beauty) to be deep Christian friendship.

If you’d like to learn more, please email Jon (for questions regarding our vision or how to join one of our small groups).