What can I expect when I come to Restoration for the first time?

We’re so glad you asked! We are a small church (under 100), which means that someone could reasonably know everybody in the church. While many people want a church they can attend anonymously, others want a church where they can know the pastor and be known by the community. We prefer the latter.
The most common comment we get after our services is how “simple” it is: two songs, a 30 minute message, time for communion, and three songs to close. The teaching is usually a deep look at a text of Scripture with some open-ended questions at the end. This is by design: we recognize that Pastor Jon is a trained in theology, but that you (in partnership with the Holy Spirit) are fully equipped to apply it to your own life. We even create 5 minutes of quiet reflection to consider what you have heard and come to the table. It’s also why we have most of our worship after the service.
If you have any further questions, you can email Jon or check out our podcast to get a sense of our teaching. We hope to meet you soon!