You are different from any person that has ever come to Restoration. You have different gifts, skills, and passions. You have a different life and story to tell. And some of the best things you have to offer the world might still be unknown and undiscovered. And yet, none of us are an island; we were designed to live and serve in a community.

A church has a two-fold responsibility: to help people identify their gifts and passions, and then to mobilize people to serve within the church and out in the community. Every church has a particular culture, and we hope to create a culture that moves people from consumers to servants.

At Restoration, we don’t see serving as optional.  In Matthew 25, Jesus tells the story of a very wealthy man who entrusts his stewards with great sums of money.  Two invest wisely, while the third hides the money away.  Jesus uses two strong words to describe the one who hid the money away: wicked and lazy.  We understand that discipleship, community, and evangelism are all impossible without service.

The primary way we accomplish the identification of gifts and passions is through our small group ministry.  Click here to read about our unique small group model, and email Jon to find out what different community groups we are currently offering.