We value diversity

Ethnic diversity. Multiple generations. Economic diversity. Even diversity of opinions about matters of faith and culture. We are not the first generation to figure Christianity out. We are part of a diverse family and a long history.

We value reflection

There is so much noise and distraction in our lives! We need moments in our lives that are intentionally empty and quiet. That is why we build reflection and silence into every service because sometimes you can hear God best when the preacher is silent.

We value authenticity

Life is complex, confusing, and sacred. Sometimes we come to church full of joy and gratitude. Sometimes we come to church with a faith that feels fragile. Sometimes we deal with terrible loss, and sometimes every breath feels like a wondrous gift. When we come to church, it isn’t to pretend; it is to be honest to God and one another.

We value participation

We are a (relatively) small church, which means we all know each other and work together. We do not think of a church as a weekly worship attendance, but as a community of God’s people. We put a lot of work into our worship services, but they serve a greater purpose than “connecting to the spiritual needs of our consumers.” Our Sunday gatherings are centered around The Table; taking Communion together as a family.

We value unity

We live in a fractured world, and many of us have found that churches can be just as divided along racial, economic, political, and denominational lines. While we are not perfect, having a unity founded on Jesus that allows for disagreement on other lesser matters is very important to us and something we intentionally practice.